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Myths and Facts About Acne

Move over myths, the truth about acne is out


Acne: Truth or Myths?

It’s time to separate the truth from the myths when it comes to acne.

The advice never stops be it when you were a teen or now that you are an adult. It’s almost like not only you but all your well wishers carry the burden of your acne on their shoulders and constantly say, “I told you so.

How often have you heard that chocolates, potato chips and not washing your face enough are the causes for your acne?

Here are the top 10 myths about adult acne and the actual facts as well. Read on to find out more…

  • Myth 1: Acne is a teenage phenomenon, it doesn’t start in adulthood

Wrong. Acne can occur anytime, even when you are 30, 40 or even 50 years old. Of course the acne of teenage years is way different from the one in adulthood.  In youngsters the acne is restricted more to the T-zone unlike in adults where it is more prevalent on the chin and sides of the face. Adult acne is usually less severe than teen acne and more likely to be caused by stress, hormonal changes or medications.

  • Myth 2: Chocolate and soda are the main culprits

Chocolate lovers take a sigh of relief because studies have shown that chocolate is not linked to acne. Regarding soda or other dairy products sufficient proof is lacking to prove their correlation to occurrence of acne.

  • Myth 3: Stress has a role in acne outburst

The research on stress been the cause for the incidence of acne is still in nascent stages. Though several studies have found a correlation between the two there are no quantitative results. The jury is still out in this case.

  • Myth 4: Sunscreen exacerbates acne

All sunscreens are not acne friendly and hence when you use a wrong cream you irritate your already inflamed skin. Acne prone skin needs special non comedogenic sunscreen which will prevent the pores from clogging. Go for sunscreens with zinc oxide.

  • Myth 5: More washing will reduce incidence of acne

It is good to clean your acne ridden skin regularly; in fact just twice a day is good enough. But over washing can be more harmful as it reduces the skins ability to hydrate itself.

  • Myth 6: Avoid makeup it’s not for you

During an acne outburst the skin is already inflamed and any contact with any chemical will irritate it further. But you can take heart from the fact that you can use makeup which includes light mineral powder and avoid thick foundations which clog pores.

  • Myth 7: Acne is just a skin condition

If only it was true. But unfortunately acne not only disfigures the face (though temporarily) it also plays a huge role on a person’s self confidence and self esteem. It is not a mere skin condition. If left untreated it can scar permanently.

  • Myth 8: Time is the healer

Not anymore. Today there are competent dermatologist who can cure all kinds of stubborn acne and equally potent medications that can arrest acne.

  • Myth 9: Just pinch it and it will be gone

Do not scrub and pick the acne pustules; your acne will worsen as you are exposing the raw skin to bacterial infections which may scar permanently.

  • Myth 10: For adults over the counter medication is enough

In adults acne is a result of medication or hormonal issues and hence requires a more in depth investigation by a competent dermatologist.