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Your Questions on Acne – Answered

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Acne can come to anyone. It is a skin condition characterized by red pimples on the skin, especially on the face, due to inflamed or infected sebaceous glands usually caused to teenagers when they are undergoing puberty. However, having a sensitive skin type with bacterial infection can also cause acne. It may also come in forms of black heads and white heads for adults.

When this happens we all have many questions in our minds. What to eat, what to use, how to ensure acne goes away fast!

Here are Six proven tips to help you come out of your acne problem –

#1 Relax

The first and foremost step is stop worrying. The more you worry, the worse it will get. So, just relax. It is not something that will last for a lifetime. With the right lifestyle and skin treatment you will be able to get over it in no time!

# 2 Skin Hygiene

Skin Hygiene is important to prevent acne.

Skin Hygiene do minimize the risk of having acne as there is less germs on the surface of the skin.

One of the most important part of acne treatment is to keep a good facial skin hygiene. It is mostly seen that the acne is caused to people with oily or combination skin type. The reason is excess oil or dirt which is not cleaned properly on a daily basis. So, the first thing you need to do is get yourself an appropriate cleanser (which is natural and not chemical based) and clean your skin twice a day – first time in the morning during your shower and second time before going to bed. Do not use heavy moisturizers as it may clog your pores and create more infection. You can however use appropriate skin packs after using the cleanser. This will ensure the skin is hydrated enough.

# 3 Check For Dandruff

It is seen that sometimes acne is also caused due to dandruff in the hair. Get your hair checked. If you have dandruff you need to get a treatment for that. Maybe get yourself a good dandruff shampoo. Also check on your nutrition levels. Sometimes, lack of good quality protein can lead to dandruff.

# 4. Sleep

Have enough sleep. At least 6-7 hours of sleep is important for any age group. Lack of sleep can also aggravate your acne     . The more you rest, the better it will be for you.

# 5. Manage Your Diet

Avoid oily and spicy food and heavy carbohydrate based food. Take at least 4-5 servings of fruits & vegetables twice a day. Drinking water is also good to get the toxins out of your body and maintain hydration for a good skin.

# 6. A Good Dermatologist

If any of the above does not help, then get yourself checked for the right medication by a good skin doctor. Acne can be either mild or severe. Treatment can vary depending on how severe they are. Whatever the reason for acne, understand them well and take appropriate precautions so that they do not recur.



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